Tara Love:  When I was injured at work and treated unfairly there was one name that I kept hearing to call, Susan Luxon at Luxon and Himes. I gave Susan a call and we set up a meeting and went over my records. Susan was very friendly and helpful and told me she would take care of things from there and me. Susan kept her promise and helped me win my case. She was so educational and was able to explain everything that was going on to someone who didn't go to law school. I was able to follow along and call her to check on the status of my case at anytime. She was truly a life saver and helped get the ball rolling in getting my life back after my injury. If you are needing a great and super friendly attorney give Susan Luxon a call. She's amazing.

Rachel Bauer:  I hired Mrs. Luxon based on the already upstanding reputation she and her office had.  Mrs. Luxon went above and beyond in my case ensuring that my rights were always protected, responding to my questions promptly, and making sure I had an understanding of what my options were each step of the way.  No decisions were made in my case unless Mrs. Luxon knew that I was completely comfortable with my decision. Having this office on my side eased any worries that I was being taken advantage of in any way.  I always felt like my interests were top priority, not what could earn a bigger paycheck.  I cannot thank her enough for her outstanding work and would never hesitate hiring her or any other attorney from Luxon & Himes.

Ed Riley:  Great communication with prompt intelligence responses. Very Knowledgeable with lots of tenacity. Highly recommend. I worked with Susan Luxon and she was great.

Mark Ledkins: Susan Luxon made the process easy to understand and resolved my SSD claim completely to my satisfaction!

Christy Morgan: I picked Valerie Himes kind of randomly recently when I needed a probate attorney for my grandma's estate.  Mainly because she was in Richmond. BUT, I must say, I'm so glad I found her! I knew nothing at all about probates, wills, and estates. She not only handled everything for me perfectly, but was very kind and explained the whole process to me so I knew what was happening. If you or your family members (or anyone for that matter) needs an attorney, you should definitely call Valerie. I've worked as a paralegal for attorneys for over 16 years. Attorneys can be hard to deal with sometimes and they do get a bad wrap. But Valerie is an exception to the rule. She's personable, relatable, and easy to reach. She even helps me on the weekend, if it's important. That's hard to find. Bottom line, Valerie Himes is a wonderful attorney. She's helpful and knowledgeable and you should definitely hire her!

Ruth Culton:  I would like to tell everyone that if you need a lawyer for anything, this firm  is the one to go to.. I am so glad that I went to them.. Not only do they do a great job, they are compassionate and caring.. I feel like they are part of my family.I highly recommend them!!! 

Angel Wilmoth: Valerie Himes is wonderful!

Chans Burns: 5 Star:  Mrs. Susan Luxon helped back in 2012 with a workers comp case and I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer. She is a very companionate, heart felt, hard working attorney who treats you like family. After my finial hearing we cried together with such joy after the outcome, she really wanted the best for my family. Since then she has always been there when I needed her to tie up loose ends that I have with the workers Comp company I deal with. I highly recommend this firm!  Facebook

Michael Barnes: 5 Star:  Susan Luxon and fellow workers treat you with respect and with a family atmosphere when assisting in your case. I was very pleased with this law firms professionalism. I do and will recommend that you call them first for your needs in getting the rights you deserve.  Facebook

Lynessa Johnson Cummings:  5 Star:  Facebook

Tara Barnes:  5 Star:  When I was injury at work and treated unfairly I hired Susan Luxon as my attorney. Within our first meeting I was confident that she was there to help me. She took over my work comp case and with any problem I ran into she took care of it. She fought for me and we won my case. She was so educated and helpful when I didn't really know what was going on. I could call her office at anytime to check in on the status of my case and with any questions I had. Susan Luxon is a wonderful attorney and I highly recommend her!  Facebook

Yvonna Lainhart Day:  5 Star:  I would highly recommend them for any of your legal needs. They were wonderful in my worker's comp case, as well as an estate case I needed taken care of! Susan is amazing and compassionate to her clients! I would definitely use them again if the need arises!  Facebook

Rachel Bauer:  5 Star:  This office goes above and beyond for their clients. The needs of their clients are always top priority, not what would provide them a bigger paycheck. I would never hesitate to hire any of the attorneys at Luxon & Himes.  Facebook

Randal Walls:  5 Star  Facebook

Amanda Whitaker-Hill:  5 Star:   Attorney Himes is truly amazing. Her dedication and attention to detail are beyond any expectation we could have. Her willingness to go above and beyond have helped us to complete so many transactions. Call her for all of your real estate needs!   Facebook

Mary Jo Baker:  5 Star  Facebook

Angel Wilmoth:  5 Star  Facebook

Paige Luxon5 Star   Facebook

Laurie Smith5 Star  Facebook

Barbara Jones Dabney5 Star Facebook

Elizabeth Renfro5 Star:  If I need a law I come and see mrs Luxon I hear she good at her job.  Facebook

Mary Ann Arvin5 Star:  We have had the best representation from Valerie Himes! She has handled our father's estate & been such a blessing to my sister & myself. We could never have accomplished this without her help. Her honesty & professionalism have been invaluable!  Facebook

Gary D. Elam: 5 Star   Facebook

Brandon L McIntosh5 Star  I am pleased to say this law firm served me to the fullest extent. They are great experienced Attorneys. Whom are dedicated to the needs of there clients. I would highly recommend them for anyone that wants true service or justice.   Facebook

Timothy Chapman Banks5 Star  Facebook

Ruth Culton5 Star  If anyone needs a lawyer, I would highly recommend them..They really do care about their clients and work hard getting the best possible settlement for them. I tell everyone that I know, if at anytime they need a lawyer to go see them before anyone else.. I am so glad I had them on my side when I needed help the most.. They are like family to me.  Facebook

Jerry Davenport5 Star Facebook

Leslie Philbeck5 Star Facebook

Tony Browning5 Star Facebook

Laura Thomas5 Star  Facebook