Richmond Real Estate Lawyers Handle a Full Range of Property Issues

Kentucky attorneys manage residential and commercial real estate transactions 

Whether residential or commercial, real estate matters require strict attention to detail and compliance with pertinent legal standards. As longtime members of the Central Kentucky community, the attorneys of Luxon & Himes, PLLC understand the applicable Kentucky laws and the specific considerations that affect properties in this area. We represent clients in all types of real estate transactions as well as issues relating to zoning, planning and title insurance. For cash purchases of real estate as well as deals involving mortgages or other financing, our firm prepares the necessary documents and serves as approved counsel for numerous lenders.

Proven firm assist buyers and sellers of homes and businesses

Our firm safeguards the interests of buyers and sellers at every stage of property transactions, helping clients take advantage of promising opportunities and avert pitfalls that could weaken the likelihood of a successful deal. We handle all types of real estate tasks, including: 

  • Contracts — Representing aspiring homeowners, property sellers and businesses, our attorneys create clear, enforceable contracts and make sure that clients understand each side’s rights and obligations regardless of who drafted the agreement. As seasoned negotiators, we help families and companies to secure the terms they seek.
  • Closing documents — During the closing process, our firm handles each necessary aspect of the proceedings in a professional, cost-efficient manner. By making sure that deeds, financing documents, government-required disclosures and other closing documents are accurate and readable, our lawyers serve as authoritative guides every step of the way.
  • Title issues — Concerns about ownership disputes, liens or other potential property infringements should be addressed as promptly as possible. You can count on us to see that trustworthy title searches occur and that suitable insurance is obtained so you can move forward with confidence.

A property transaction is a significant event that can have far-reaching consequences. We’ve built our reputation throughout the Central Kentucky community by giving clients skilled legal support that benefits them at the point of sale and for years to come.

Skillful advocates represent clients in zoning and land use proceedings

Counties and municipalities have the power under Kentucky law to enact provisions for zoning and land use regulations that are suited to their jurisdiction’s specific landscape and planning priorities. This means that there is not one set of standards that applies throughout the Commonwealth, but a patchwork of rules and authorities. As soon as you begin to consider a property purchase, development or improvement, it’s critical to obtain reliable counsel on land use rules and the measures needed to secure a permit, approval, variance or other type of authorization so you can maximize the value of your investment. Our experience as real estate advisers and advocates throughout Central Kentucky helps clients achieve the results they seek in these matters.    

Thorough lawyers advise on evictions and other landlord-tenant matters

Relationships between landlords and tenants can become strained for many reasons. Regardless of which side you’re on in one of these disputes, you should be aware of the laws and procedures governing rental properties. Landlords who believe they are justified in evicting a tenant for nonpayment of rent or some other lease violation must give tenants proper notice and file relevant documents with the court. For these matters and situations stemming from lease disagreements, disputes over conditions, property use questions and other issues, our firm delivers insightful counsel to landlords and tenants.  

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