Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Provide Strong Support to Injured Workers

Workplace injury lawyers in Richmond assist people hurt on the job

Were you injured on the job? Are you receiving the medical care you need? Are you being fairly compensated for lost wages? When you are unable to support yourself or your family because of a work-related injury, you are in a tough spot. It gets tougher still when your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance carrier refuses to help. If you have been injured at work, whether due to a fall, a machinery accident or overexertion, Luxon & Himes, PLLC can advise you on the benefits you have earned and should receive. Our Richmond firm is well versed in the rules and procedures that govern Kentucky workers’ comp claims and has the skill and determination to help overturn incorrect decisions.

Trusted firm pursues benefits related to work-related injuries and illnesses

Whether you got hurt in an accident on the job, are suffering the effects of exposure to a hazardous substance at your workplace or suffering from an employment-related repetitive stress condition such as back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, we press for full benefits to cover:  

  • Medical costs — Most employers in Kentucky are required to cover medical costs associated with on-the-job injuries and illnesses. This includes associated expenses such as prescription drugs and transportation needed to receive treatment.
  • Lost wages — Injured employees who can’t work are able to collect up to two-thirds of their average weekly income up to a limit determined annually by the Commonwealth. The maximum weekly payment for 2020 is $979.
  • Rehabilitation costs — If you require occupational therapy or other types of assistance to get back to work or adjust to your employment-related condition, Kentucky law provides that 52 weeks of retraining and/or education benefits are available.
  • Effects of permanent disability — When a claimant has reached maximum medical improvement and still is totally or partially impaired, we handle matters seeking permanent benefits and Social Security Disability payments.
  • Dependent recovery in fatal cases — Should a workplace incident lead to an employee’s death within four years of the incident, reimbursement is provided for funeral expenses, and wage replacement can also be provided to certain dependents.

In any situation where you have been injured at work and are seeking workers’ compensation benefits, you should keep in mind that your employer and its insurance carrier might not have your best interests in mind. By getting an experienced attorney on your side, you can counter their tactics and maximize the likelihood of a positive resolution.

Effective litigators bring actions arising from construction site accidents

Construction workers face a wide variety of dangers in their jobs. Whether caused by a fall, mishandled equipment, faulty materials or some other factor, injuries that occur on building and repair sites might trigger severe medical problems and the inability to perform physical labor. Often, employers or others with no direct relationship to construction workers are responsible for the negligence that led to the harmful incident. In these cases of third-party liability, we can pursue personal injury actions against responsible parties to collect pain and suffering damages on top of workers’ compensation benefits that are available.                                                     

Skillful advocates handle appeals when initial claims are denied

Many workers’ compensation claims go unpaid because the insurance companies have attorneys who fight strenuously to hold their costs down. If you filed a claim and did not receive the payments you deserve, we will work aggressively to overturn that result through a benefit review conference or in a hearing before an administrative law judge. Regardless of whether your claim was denied due to insufficient paperwork, an allegation that your condition is not job-related or another reason, our attorneys stand up for your rights.

Contact an aggressive Kentucky workers’ compensation lawyer to set up a free consultation

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