Richmond Estate Planning Attorneys Safeguard Clients’ Wishes

Accomplished Kentucky firm offers counsel on wills, trusts and probate

With proper legal support, you can put a comprehensive, effective estate plan into place. Luxon & Himes, PLLC in Richmond helps Central Kentucky clients create wills, trusts, powers of attorney and healthcare directives that reflect their particular intentions on critically important matters. In addition to setting up arrangements to safeguard and transfer assets, we also handle probate and estate administration matters, including the representation of personal representatives and potential beneficiaries when disputes arise.   

Knowledgeable advisers prepare wills to enforce testators’ intentions

Establishing a last will and testament serves as the foundation of a sound estate plan. After taking the time to explore your goals and review key assets, our lawyers will assist with each aspect of these documents, including:

  • Requirements — In Kentucky, two witnesses must sign the will at the same time as the testator. We can also have the will notarized, making it a “self-proving” document, which can accelerate the probate process.
  • Drafting — Whether you’re looking to make a charitable bequest, establish a business succession plan, deal with tax concerns or accomplish any other estate objective, we advise on the best ways to set forth clear directions.               
  • Revisions — Should life changes motivate you to consider adjustments to your estate plan, our attorneys are ready to review the terms of your will and make any necessary revisions.

Failing to leave a valid will means the Commonwealth’s intestacy laws rather than your own wishes will determine what happens to your estate. With our help, you can have the peace of mind that your legacy is secure.

Firm establishes living trusts and other instruments to protect assets

Trusts are legal instruments that can hold assets for a use determined by the trust creator. They can serve a variety of purposes as part of an estate plan or in other contexts. One popular option is a living trust, which is a revocable instrument where someone places their assets in a trust but can access them for the remainder of their life. Upon the creator’s death, the property that remains in the trust is distributed to named recipients who benefit by not having to go through the probate process. If this option or another type of trust might fit your needs, we will detail how one is established and managed.

Thorough advocates handle probate and estate administration tasks

Our firm guides will executors and estate administrators through each step of the probate process. We file wills in court so that clients are legally appointed as personal representatives for the estate. From there, we work to file an inventory of the decedent’s property, transfer assets to named heirs and formally settle the estate in the District Court. This process takes at least six months from the personal representative’s appointment. In situations where an actual or purported beneficiary contests the validity or execution of the will, our accomplished litigators pursue an appropriate outcome while minimizing cost and stress during an already difficult time.

Attorneys create living wills and healthcare directives addressing medical choices

If you’re incapacitated by a sickness or injury, you might not be able to express your choices about specific types of medical treatment. To remove the possibility of confusion about who’s in charge, we prepare living wills that state what types of extraordinary measures you want taken, or not taken, in a terminal situation, as well as medical power of attorney documents that can be employed at other times. By naming a healthcare surrogate, you can be sure that a trusted person is acting on your behalf.

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